The Oakmark Funds are advised by Harris Associates L.P. an autonomous subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers, L.P.

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General Background 

The Oakmark Funds 

  • The Oakmark family of mutual funds was created in 1991. 
  • Harris Associates L.P., located in Chicago, has been the adviser to the Oakmark Funds since their inception. 
  • The Funds’ AUM is approximately $59 billion (as of 03/31/2024). 
  • The firm is headquartered in Chicago. 

For more information about the Oakmark Funds, to request an interview or if you have any other media requests, please contact: 

Anne Burke
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Oakmark at a Glance 

The Oakmark Funds, their respective inception dates and assets under management as of the latest quarter end:

Oakmark Fund08/05/1991 (Investor Class)$22.1 billion
Oakmark Select Fund11/01/1996 (Investor Class)$6.6 billion
Oakmark Global Fund08/04/1999 (Investor Class)$1.2 billion
Oakmark Global Select Fund10/02/2006 (Investor Class)$1.1 billion
Oakmark International Fund09/30/1992 (Investor Class)$20.0 billion
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund11/01/1995 (Investor Class)$1.5 billion
Oakmark Equity and Income Fund11/01/1995 (Investor Class)$6.6 billion
Oakmark Bond Fund06/10/2020 (Institutional Class)$0.1 billion
Total Oakmark AUM (03/31/2024) $59 billion

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