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Oakmark Funds Celebrate Three Anniversary Milestones

November 22, 2021

Portfolio Manager Bill Nygren commemorates the milestone anniversaries of the Oakmark Fund, Oakmark Global Select Fund and Oakmark Select Fund.

Eric Liu by the window


Regulatory Changes in China and Our Approach to Risk Management

November 1, 2021

Portfolio Manager Eric Liu discusses how Oakmark measures risk in Chinese equity markets.

Summer Olympics image


The Opening Ceremony of the Value Recovery

August 11, 2021

Client Portfolio Manager Daniel Nicholas shares why he thinks the recent value rally may continue to benefit going into an accelerating period of economic...

Daniel A. Nicholas, CFA
Client Portfolio Manager

Blue Puzzle Pieces image


Solving Puzzles During A Golden Age of Learning

February 18, 2021

U.S. Investment Analyst Joe Pittman explains why Harris’ commitment to continuous learning is foundational to successful investing in a dynamic world.

Joseph P. Pittman, CFA
U.S. Investment Analyst

Robert Bierig portrait in front of a window


Why Stocks Are Safer Than Cash

December 7, 2020

Portfolio Manager and U.S. Investment Analyst Robert Bierig shares why it can be safer to invest in stocks than a money market fund for...

Robert F. Bierig
Portfolio Manager and U.S. Investment Analyst

Image of woman's hands working at a table


Why Millennials Should Own Value Stocks

October 29, 2020

Institutional Client Service Manager Lauren Digani discusses why millennial investors may be best positioned to benefit from value exposure in their portfolios.

Lauren Digani
Manager, Institutional Client Service

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